He’s young and brilliant, the Dutch pianist Camiel Boomsma. He has already released two CDs with piano transcriptions of Wagner’s operas, and received raving reviews from the International press. Camiel has a bursary from the renowned International Richard Wagner Stipendienstiftung.


Camiel Boomsma




Camiel Boomsma makes name as a soloist with an extensive repertoire and appears frequently in recitals. The press describes his playing as sensitive and profound. Boomsma regularly appears as a soloist and has performed in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, De Oosterpoort in Groningen, Teatro la Fenice in Venice, De Doelen concerthall in Rotterdam, De Philharmonie in Haarlem to name a few. He also performed as a soloist at festivals such as the Grachtenfestival Amsterdam and during the Wagner Festspiele in Bayreuth.

Boomsma has won prizes at National and International competitions including, at a young age, several prizes at the Princes Christina Competition, the first prize and prize for the best interpretation of a work by Franz Liszt at the Dutch SJMN competition, and the first prize at the 23rd edition of the international Young Musician competition ‘’Citta di Barletta’’.

Boomsma studied with Prof Matthijs Verschoor, Prof.Marcel Baudet and Prof. Jan Wijn. He received further musical training from Severin von Eckardstein and Marietta Petkova. He currently works with the British pedagogue Prof. Christopher Elton in the UK.

Numerous live and CD recordings have been broadcasted by many national and international radio stations such as Radio 4 Netherlands, France Musique, Hr2Kultur, ORF, etc.

Boomsma regularly appears as a guest at live radio programmes such as AVRO Spiegelzaal in the concertgebouw.


In 2013, Wagner’s anniversary year, Boomsma receveid a prestigious bursary from the International Richard Wagner Stipendienstiftung. In the same year he recorded his debut CD with a selection of well known and unknown piano transcriptions of Wagner’s operas. This CD was released by EtceteraRecords and received many raving reviews from De Volkskrant, Luister magazine, Diapason, BBC Music magazine and Grammophone. In februari 2016 Boomsma released his second CD ‘’Porazzi’’ containing exciting premiere-recordings of rare Wagner transcriptions which, again, received with great enthusiasm by the press.

“…In Elsa’s Brautzug zum Münster’ from Lohengrin, Boomsma’s playing is extremely tender and full of love. I don’t know how he does this, but my heart melts listening to his delicate, sensitive interpretation….” Jordi Kooiman, Opera Magazine, Netherlands.

“…Highly musical and profound…” JAN BROKKEN

“…Boomsma emphasizes purity and profundity…” LUISTER MAGAZINE

“…He draws the mood from the very first note…” BIELLA LUTTMER, DE VOLKSKRANT

”…The mystical spheres and elegiac tone paintings are elaborated with a high degree of transparency…” LUISTER MAGAZINE

“…Wagner on the piano is thoughtful” [..]” The musical lines are very clear [..]”Boomsma shows that these transcriptions have a value of their own…” NRC Handelsblad

“…Very intriguing and very beautiful…Boomsma plays with great empathy…” TROUW

“…Boomsma makes the music swarm and sing mildly…”DE VOLKSKRANT

“…What Boomsma does is profound and mature [..] In one word: beautiful…” KLASSIEKE ZAKEN

“…No pathos, simply extraordinary, magnificent virtuosity by the young Dutch pianist Camiel Boomsma. This disc is a pure masterpiece…” PÉCHÉ DE CLASSIQUE

”…Nun kommt ein junger Hollandischer Pianist namens Camiel Boomsma mit einem furiosen Platte daher […] und bietet einen Wagner der auf Haubitze und Kalaschnikow verzichtet, sondern das lyrische Potential seiner Musik erkundet. Das macht er hinreisend. Jene Werke spielt er auf der basis einer sehr schon tempertierten pianistischen Diskretion, er liebt es, wenn Musik ihr Fundament im Piano, nicht im Forte besistzt – wenn dann aber eine dynamische Kurve unerbittlich nach oben fuhrt dann kan Camiel Boomsma enorme Reserven entfalten. Manchmal scheint es, als habe er zwolf oder 15 Finger...” NEUSS-GREVENBROICHER ZEITUNG

”…This young Dutch pianist plays, very beautifully, 6 versions [..] which honour the majesty of the operas…” (5/5 stars) BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE

“…Esprit et puissance imprègnent Parsifal. Impressionnantes ou subtilement présentes…” (4/5 stars)

“…‘Truly remarkable is the interpretation of the young Dutch pianist Camiel Boomsma, able to highlight a great stylistic maturity..”’ ANDREA BEDETTI, CDCLASSICO.COM, ITALY

“…Boomsma emphasizes the purity en profundity of this music, which is suddenly much closer related to Mozart and Beethoven. A penetrating recital…” LUISTER MAGAZINE

“…With this Wagner album he proofs he is a huge talent…” HENRI DOST, PLATOMANIA.EU